5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Cleaning Service

Confidence in your cleaning service is more important than ever. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when you're evaluating if you have the right team in place.


1. What's Their Cleaning Methodology?

Is your cleaning provider coming in and following a different process every time hoping to hit the important areas in their time at your facility? A strong provider creates a specific cleaning program for your facility, ensuring staff has sufficient time to achieve a consistently excellent clean. 

2. How Are They Representing You?

Whether it's through the uniforms they are (or not) wearing or the pride they take in their finished product, the image of your cleaning provider reflects onto the properties they clean. Examples include:
  • Trained professionals with proper background checks 
  • Professional uniforms
  • Post clean inspections  

Watch this video of our team disinfecting during the Coronavirus Pandemic using Touch-Free Fog Disinfectant.


3. What Type of Products Do They Use?

The safety and health of your employees is your utmost priority. Do your cleaners products reflect that? Proper cleaning programs promote health, safety, and social consciousness. Strong processes in place will focus on improving indoor air quality, recycling, and minimizing the use of raw materials and toxic products that require disposal. 

4. How Are They Incorporating Technology?

Incorporating technology into the cleaning program gives providers the opportunity to provide customers the most state of the art cleans. Examples include:

  • State of the art applications, providing real-time reporting and easy to read inspection emails
  • Touch-free cleaning machine, allowing germs to be killed while not having to directly touch the surfaces
  • Fog cleaning machines Increase dwell times to ensure disinfection

5. How Do They Communicate?

A strong cleaning provider will communicate effectively, giving you peace of mind your facility is up to standard. Through detailed visibility such as post clean inspections and easy to read cleaning results, you can stay up to date with what is happening at your properties while it's actually happening, not just when a cleaning manager comes by.
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