The Top 4 Tips to Disinfecting COVID-19 

Consider these cleaning standards for preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Here's a note from our CEO, Elliott Stipes>>.


Touch-Free Disinfectant

Touch-free machine fog disinfectant application to vertical and horizontal surfaces. This allows germs to be killed while not having to directly touch the surfaces. WATCH THIS VIDEO of our team using our fog disinfectant.


Proper Dwell Time

Fun fact: Germs will not die if you only spray the disinfectant and immediately wipe the surface. Green Clean uses Electrostatic sprayer and/or wet disinfection application with dwell times of at least 3 minutes. This is key.


Cleaning Frequency & Touchpoints

Ensuring the following are cleaned multiple times per week:

  • Door Knobs
  • Arms of Chairs
  • Telephones
  • Coffee Pot Handles/Dispensers
  • Light Switches
  • Keyboards 
  • Restroom touchpoints (all)
  • Breakroom counters/tables/chairs and high touchpoints
  • Lobbies-entry mats, lounge seating furniture



Standards & Audits

Use of an environmental protection agency (EPA) registered detergent/disinfectant. We use Green Seal® approved products and environmentally sound processes to ensure sustainability of properties and the health of employees and occupants focusing on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We follow cleaning operations standards set forth by US Green Building Council® and we are a supporting partner towards LEED® certification.

We also have developed consulting services for creating High Performance Green Cleaning Programs and cleaning audits within well regarded public and private business enterprises.

Watch this video of our team disinfecting during the Coronavirus Pandemic using Touch-Free Fog Disinfectant.

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Additional Resources

Click to download the CDC's Workplace Flyer for COVID-19.