How to Clean Coronavirus

Touch-free Disinfectant - The #1 Safe and Effective Application

Touch-free machine fog disinfectant application to vertical and horizontal surfaces. This allows germs to be killed while not having to directly touch the surfaces. Disinfection services through application manually or mechanically are intended to kill many of the viruses and bacteria currently in existence on the items being disinfected.  Disinfection services will not limit or prevent any new viruses from entering into the facilities/workplace upon completion of such services. Once a surface dries new bacteria and viruses may attach to the surface.  Human contracted diseases and viruses are only able to be best controlled by the limit of human environment and interaction and additionally where required take preventative measures as listed below.

Touch-Free Disinfectant Fog Machine During Coronavirus Clean Up


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In light of recent events and customer demand for additional disinfection which would be in additional to the existing standard disinfection cleaning procedures we already have in place, Green Clean is now offering special disinfection services to all of our customers.

Is your cleaning provider coming in and following a different process every time hoping to hit the important areas in their time at your facility? A strong provider creates a specific cleaning program for your facility, ensuring staff has sufficient time achieve a consistently excellent clean. Check out these 5 questions to ask when evaluating your currently cleaning provider.



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