Are You Ready for Your COVID-19 Rebound?

Safety has always been a priority, but making customers feel confident is critical for a quick rebound. Learn how to prepare for a strong execution of your return.


1. Where are you interacting with customers?

Purchase counters or front desks often require physical interaction with customers. It may be a form that needs to be filled out, or the handling of cash. Consistently cleaning the areas, as well as having alcohol-based hand rubs available for use can help keep employees and customers safe. Some ideas to help limit the spread of germs:

  • Have alcohol-based hand rubs available for use after interaction
  • When available, the use of electronic forms (ex: patient forms completed online prior to visit)
  • Promoting the use of credit cards over cash


2. Cleaning up the common areas

Areas like waiting rooms or fitting rooms see a large amount of traffic on a daily basis. Furniture should be cleaned on a consistent basis to stop the spread of any germs from one customer to another. Fun fact: Germs will not die if you only spray the disinfectant and immediately wipe the surface. Green Clean uses Electrostatic sprayer and/or wet disinfection application with dwell times of at least 3 minutes. This is key.


3. Where are the hotspot touch points?

Common points of contact should be cleaned multiple times each week. Examples include: door knobs, telephones, coffee pots, light switches, keyboards, all areas of a restroom, and break room counters or other common areas. 


4. Communication! 

Transparency is key. Communicating the precautions your team has taken to keep a clean environment, as well as posting reminders of ways customers can help prevent the spread of germs are appreciated by the community.  

As you're posting about the thoroughness of your clean, make sure you're confident in your cleaning provider with these 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Cleaning Service.

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Additional Resources

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