Clean Up Post-Pandemic: Top Objections

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Before now, businesses likely didn't have a "global pandemic" protocol in their building cleaning plans. As we work toward the rebound, we want to share some of the most common concerns we hear on cleanings during this time to help you make the best decision for your space and team.



"This is a hard time to add additional expenses to our business."




"Employees aren't working in our building so there's no one we currently need to clean for."



Let's take this time to get ahead of the cleaning for your employee's return, as well as utilize the extra time to fully understand your needs for cleanings moving forward after their return. We'll collaborate to develop a plan with a frequency best suited for you.  We will have a road map for you to communicate to your employees the focus and routine disinfection plans in the works for when they come back.  Waiting until a comeback date may cause you delay in getting the information you need back quickly.  This is the best time to act now!





"We're going to take care of the cleanings ourselves"


A couple questions we like to ask here:

1. Are you prepared to take on the liability of your employee/customer health and safety?  Using an expert  on disinfection and sanitation control and services will give everyone peace of mind with the new "normal".

2. What type of products are you planning to use that are best suited for your specific environment?

3. Considering the costs: Did you know that streamlining costs with a outsourced Facility Services Provider could actually cost you less than "in-housing" the work?



"We have multiple buildings not planning to open at the same time."



Not a problem! There's no "one size fits all" cleaning plan. Part of the Green Clean advantage is working with our customers to develop a personalized plan best suited for your needs. Let's work together to prepare a phase in approach for your buildings, ensuring cleanings are completed in a timely manner for employee and customers to return.




"How is your cleaning  protocol safer for my employees and customers?"


Using Green Seal® approved products and environmentally sound processes, we're able to ensure sustainability of properties and the health of employees. Helping to decrease pollution while reducing health problems associated with allergens, chemical sensitives, and contaminants, proves a strong dedication to employees and the environment. 

Watch this video and learn how touch free disinfectant can upgrade your clean!

Disinfectant cleanings included for all new and existing customers at no extra charge. 

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