Green Clean Commercial takes high priority to ensure the sanitation and safety of all our customers, partners and employees.  As leaders in our field we are taking precautions as it relates to COVID-19.  Green Clean Commercial is maintaining information and employing best practices as it becomes available from both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to stay up to date on the situation as it continues to evolve. We strongly advise our customers do the same.

In light of recent events and customer demand for additional disinfection which would be in additional to the existing standard disinfection cleaning procedures we already have in place, Green Clean is now offering special disinfection services to our customers.

Disinfection services through application manually or mechanically are intended to kill many of the viruses and bacteria currently in existence on the items being disinfected.  Disinfection services will not limit or prevent any new viruses from entering into the facilities/workplace upon completion of such services. Once a surface dries new bacteria and viruses may attach to the surface.  Human contracted diseases and viruses are only able to be best controlled by the limit of human environment and interaction and additionally where required take preventative measures as listed below.

Lastly, we will continue to educate and inform our employees in maintaining good procedures and communications to all parties and will continue to provide new as it becomes available from reputable sources on the subject matter of COVID-19 virus.


Stay healthy,

Elliott Stipes




Watch this video of our team disinfecting during the Coronavirus Pandemic using Touch-Free Fog Disinfectant.


In this PDF document, we have collected and provided information from the World Health Organization, on the up to date precautions you can use as best practice to reduce viral impact. We encourage you to please print that document and post at prominent places in your facilities to advise your building occupants on ways to reduce possible outcomes.
World Health Workplace PDF

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